5 Tips to Make a Marvelous Class Reunion

Class reunion is where the story up to do and remembering the past. Making a successful reunion event isn’t easy. The  tips below can help you.

Do you miss your school friends? Class reunion gives an opportunity to old friends to remember the happy times from the past and build some new memories.All memories and stories from school can be reconstructed at the reunion.

Making a class reunion is not an easy thing. You need to plan carefully and can’t be done alone. You need help from your friends to create a festive and spectacular event.

The following tips will help you organize a memorable reunion.

5 Tips for Making a Memorable Class Reunion

Reunions events sometimes did not go well and were unsatisfactory for some people who attended. The tips below will help you to make a great reunion.

1. Make a list of participant

You need to make a list of participant who will be invited. You can see it from the yearbook or from social media. After determining the list of participants, you need to invite frineds via social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp or others.

Establish communication with the participants so that they are willing to attend this event. You can also make invitations online, for example creating a Fanpage on Facebook. Today there are many sites that provide free online invitations service.

2. Create a reunion committee

The reunion committee must be selected selectively so that event is organized well. Create a reunion committee consisting of people who are passionate about making this event. Being a reunion committee will drain your energy, time, and mind, as well as you don’t get paid for this.

3. Determine the theme

The theme of the event must be determined in advance. When and where the reunion will be held. The reunion that will be held should not be tight and not too long.

A reunion is a session to chat with old friends. It is better if the welcoming event such as the chairman of the committee is relaxed and not too long. Design casual events such as playing games, singing together, swapping stories from the past and taking photos together.

You also need to determine a dress code so that the photo’s session is more exciting. Choose a dress code that is simple and hassle-free. For example, you can choose a dress code with a certain color.

4. Determine the budget

You can find sponsor or funders to cover half the cost of this event. Take advantage of your old friends to become sponsor. In return, you can put up a logo or mention the sponsor’s brand in the middle of the event or be included in the event book.

If not, then make an event with the available costs according to the ability of the participants.

5. Selection of place and time

We recommend that you choose a place that has a lot of memories for you and the participants. You can also choose a place with a strategic location, easy to reach, and comfortable. For example, a school field, hotel, café, or park.

Choose time that are flexible for all participants. For example, on weekends, in the evening on weekday or during school holidays. So that guests who live outside the city aloe them to come to this event.

You also need to add dishes to this event. Take time to allow participants to meet face to face and have a relaxed chat. Participants can build connections with other participants while enjoying a meal.

The dishes served don’t have to be extravagant and expensive. You can serve snacks or food and drinks that can remind all the participants about the old memories.

Reunion is rare moment and one of the best way to build friendship. After the reunion, it’s best if you stay in touch with your friends. In addition, you can hold small meetings at a later time.

You can apply some of the tips above when holding a class reunion to make it memorable for all participants. Good luck.





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