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Teddy and Jefferson get along like a house on fire. Literally. Jefferson’s a serious-natured soccer jock, and Teddy was born to party till the wheels come off. Oh, they might have jerked it a few times thinking about each other, but they’ll burn this mother to the ground before they ever get along. The only things they have in common are their friends—Jefferson’s buddy Emmett, and Teddy’s BFF Noelani. Emmett’s just blown all his savings on a house near campus, and he needs tenants to help make the monthly payments. That’s where Teddy and Jefferson come in. Hey, anything’s better than the dorms.

So far so good. Until Noelani’s former fiancé Beau—also Emmett’s former best friend—rolls back into town. Panicked over the return of their old feelings for the rough-riding badass, Noelani and Emmett decide the only sensible ‘save’ is to get married. Of course. Teddy and Jefferson both know that’s a bad idea, and that those two are going to need their friends more than ever. That means only one thing: no choice but to raise the white flag and join forces.

Pros: free rein for sexual hijinks in the name of ‘getting along’. Cons: Easier said than done.

Despite it all, Teddy and Jefferson are also discovering that they have more fun fighting with each other than they would kissing anyone else. Maybe—maybe—they’re falling in love. But when Beau reveals the real reason for his return and everything turns topsy-turvy for everyone involved, is their new alliance strong enough to save the day?


“Oh, this was such a cute confection of a story! Two guys who hate each other form an alliance – sealed with a bit more than a handshake, natch – to help their two besties out with their relationship. That’s enough to lead to shenanigans all on its own. Add in the fact that said besties are trying to get the guys who hate each other to realize hatred isn’t exactly what they’re feeling and you get another layer of “OMG”. Then add in a fifth person with a vested interest in changing the dynamics and you’ve got something truly funny.” (Five Stars from Amber, Amazon)

“This was a sweet, funny, and low-angst read. The scenes between dramatic fast-thinking Teddy and low-key baffled Jefferson are hilarious. They play off each other beautifully, and you can tell pretty early on that they’d perfectly complement each other if they could just shut up for a bit. Noelani and Emmett’s story – especially with the twist at the end – provides a wonderful side-story that adds more interest. The pacing is great, the characters are believable, and the conflicts wind up being more endearing than anything else. Definitely a feel-good story!” (Five Stars from Caer, Amazon)